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Kindney Failure prediction by acupuncture theory


6 weeks ago by questioning, palpating my patient around the Hara and Kidney meridian I found that something was going on with her Kidneys. Kidneys energy was low as her power also. 2 weeks ago her kidneys stopped working for a while and she is still hospitalized as they cant find whats going on. Case is going on. When I have a better image of the story I can post it for discussion.

For now It would be interesting for me to discuss if and how accurate TCM diagnosis can predict what's going to happen next if your Qi (yin and yang) energy is not corrected and balanced. I believe our acupuncture ancestors could do that cause they had a lot of clinical experience. What about us?

Is there a TCM diagnosis method that can tell u that todays superficial Qi Deficiency without strong symptoms like vomiting is going to hit an internal organ soon or the next few days? Did you had any experience with Kidney failure?

Sometimes TAO lets u change the future sometimes not. How do you feel knowing that something is going to happen but you have to watch it happening and don't know what to do to change it?

Till now I have find it very difficult to replenish the energy of Qi Deficiency in general. The situation is more difficult when the patient has more than one symptom bother him. Like thyroid, back pain, overworking, not changing life style, a lot of stress. Its like you are giving battle with time. How fast can you reverse 50 years of unbalanced Qi?

Happy New Year to everyone,

Gerasimos Makis Mouzakitis


First I would say as I&#39m sure you know (but other readers may not) that when we say someone has a Kidney imbalance we are almost never talking about a physical problem with their kidneys from a western perspective (or any other meridian/organ pair for that matter). Most physical kidney problems, for example, have little to do with Kidney meridian issues. Kidney failure can come about for any number of reasons, internal circulation issues, diabetes, dehydration, medicines, cancer, etc. Most of these would involve more than kidney qi deficiency and would show up as other more complicated diagnostic patterns.

Now with regards to techniques certainly peoples skill levels are all over the place from the routine/mundane to the nearly other wordly. The "seemingly" other worldy people, however, are generally using far more information than just the pulse but can often "see" very complicated processes inside of the body before they come to full fruition. Not sure there is any specific method, just lots of experience and proper training from people that are at that level.

With regards to constantly battling qi deficiency, you are right it is an uphill battle. Another approach, however, is to look at what is draining it (which you touched on) and work with people on that level. For example many western folks are very yin deficient (poor sleep, excessive thinking/multitasking - the "tired, but wired" scenario) - this weakens them. By raising awareness of the causes more than treating the symptoms (not saying that is what you are doing, just offering my view...) people can take more control of the situation with the aid of acupuncture, herbs, etc. and possibly learning meditation, tai chi, whatever helps them. Many people (and some practitioners) follow the more is better idea for building people "up". Using vitamins, supplements, caffeine, excessive moxabustion, etc. all kinds of garbage and excessively tonifying substances. In most situations, less is more...

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