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Kidney Yin Xu - Lifestyle Considerations


With a diagnosis of Kidney Yin Deficiency, as well as an energetic disconnect between head and heart (lots of energy in my head, not much in my lower body), I'd like to make lifestyle adjustments to support my acupuncture treatments.

It's been recommended to me to eat fresh figs and dates, black sesame seeds, and beets to help tonify my kidneys. I've also been told that kidney breathing may be beneficial.

Is there any other advice I can get to supplement treatment from other acupuncturists? Diet, exercise, meditation, bodywork, etc? At some point in my earlier martial arts training I was taught that LIGHTLY beating my kidneys with the back of my fist for 5-10 minute is excellent for stimulating their function...good idea? Bad idea? Other ideas for kidney ying xu as well as dropping energy from my head into my legs and loins?


Yin deficiency is slightly difficult to build back from without the benefits from herbal medicine in my opinion. Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is the pre-eminent yin deficiency formula (there are many others). Meditation and Tai Chi (from a qualified instructor ideally) are both extremely beneficial for yin deficiency particularly. If you have no access to an instructor (ideally one who is also a doctor of Chinese Medicine) a good and easy to learn qi gong to start with for yin deficiency is the Tai Chi Dao Yin. Dietary-wise black beans are one of the most helpful.

It&#39s important to understand what yin deficiency means from a Chinese perspective, however, then appropriate lifestyle adjustments, particular to you, will become more obvious. Yin deficiency is essentially what we call "tired but wired" in western culture. It is a deficiency that is both brought on by (in most cases) and exhibits as excessive thinking (intellectual and psychological) and activity. The converse to yin deficiency then is free and easy wandering - or as my Taoist&#39ish master calls being a "lazy bum". A lazy bum means accomplishing while doing nothing - in non-Taoist terms this means just doing your work and your life without fretting, worrying, future forecasting, looking for angles, etc. - all of the stuff our minds add to our relatively simple lives. Meditation is one of many ways to re-learn this skill that we all have as Children and lose to varying degrees as we grow up - and it is ultimately our nature.


In TCM, Kidney Yin deficiency is not a disease, it just tell you, your kidney yin energy is lower or not balance with your kiney yang energy, because kidney is yin and yang both organ, so may cause kidney fire up. to tonify kidney yin energy, just drink some Gou Ji Zi tea.


You&#39re right on the money thinking about diet and lifestyle in this case. I&#39ll defer to Chad regarding the qigong advice. As far as diet goes, eat smaller meals more frequently to avoid blood sugar fluctuations. Eat the rainbow as far as veggies are concerned, focusing on dark green leafy things like kale, spinach, etc. And since yin is all about structure, get some good high quality protein at least three times a day.



Its understandable to me’ how lower body energy balance/strength could be a concern! Its as if&#39 an even greater strenth pervails although beyond our comprehention?..If you can&#39t beatum join um!

I would say’ integrate a Yin qi` practice more as a life change, at least 5 times a day for 5 min. each time, practice (Sheng Zhen Qi gong)..-> means the expression/expereince of ”Unconditional love

Gym workouts are ok but do they follow the protocols of staying with (TCM)’s findings and perspective of maintaining harmony with in the body and within theTao?. i.e. are our actions non-disruptive in our internal and external nature and performed with good/unselfish intentions. Sheng Zhen Qi-gong focuses on creating an emotional-alchemy with the powers that be by outRight practising (being happy & staying pure, smiling warmly with acceptance towards one&#39s self and feeling impathy and a gennerus concern for others. Pacticing Qi gong is like choosing happyness/choosing to be happy! Qi-gong sees the main chakrah-vortex and energy (storage centers) as, the Hearts-of palms, forward-center of souls of feet, head, Heart & eyes, the three burners, the Eight extraordinary energy vessels, the twelve Organ channels/meridians, the Crown and intuitive Centers, and emotional-alchemy. What I’m saying is take your Qi practice with you, rehearse & share it more&#39.

The Yin Qi practice mimics the movements and energies of nature and of the universe.

Rising falling, spiraling, worming cooling, shaking-radically, building energies aggressively, Grounding and washing re-charging the body’s personal space clean of invasion! A Yin Qi practice is in harmony with the perspectives within the Taoist philosophy. Sheng Zhen Qi-gong’s #1 focuses is on creating an emotional-alchemy between the energy of the self and the divine unlimited universe of Chi.(vital life energy).

Qi-gong sees the eight main chakrah centers as the Hearts of palms, forword & center on the souls of the feet, the heart, head/crown, the eyes & the three burners,the(Tantiens) the 8- two main & other six, extraordinary energy vessels, the twelve Organ channels/meridians, the Crown and intuitive Centers, as an alchemists oppertunity for a greater more authintic expereince of life&#39s energies physically and emotionaly . What I’m saying&#39 is take your Qi practice with you, rehearse it more&#39 & share it offten.

The Yin Sheng Zhen Qi practice&#39 mimics the movements the directions of the energies in nature of the flowing and turning of the galexy and universe. Rising falling, spiraling, worming cooling, contracting & expanding, shaking-radically, building energies aggressively, grounding and washing, re-charging the body’s personal space and cleaning it of weaknesses and all outside invasions.

Creating an opportunity for an uninterrupted dialogue of energetic exchange between self and the unlimited (Source) of Vital life forces, the universe which can be’ as strong as one needs it to become. And by the way&#39 resting the hands and wrests on the low back is great news for the (Kd) & while your at it begin gently bouncing up and down and spiraling at the trunk, laugh if you like’- just think of something funny smile-laugh out loud move and relax.

The un compartmentalizing of your person and activities&#39 is your quest!

Follow your own drum the one in your own chest, slow down enjoy the scenery a little more, stop, say’ & be wholly grateful when good things come your way.

It does seem odd however, that the strongest part of our body should be the part most venerable to poor circulation ?I.e The lower body.

Try yoga before working out to inherence your results. Yoga is like Self_Help Mio-Fascia release : )

1st. develop a daily practice. Wake up its make it or brake it time. (SS&S)

ZaZen meditation 3-10 min. i.e. third Party/detached observation, of inner and outer states of your environment- move into breathing practice(s) 2-5 min, then into peaceful cleansing sitting Sheng zhen qi-gong w/-( energy washing, chest expansion & contraction movements) 3-10 minutes, - into standing Sheng Zhen Qi gong 3-10 minutes =20 min. + 18 two- minute brakes one every waking hour = 36 minutes + 2 min.-before bead time and 1 min.-3-6 times daily before eating drinking or snacking , mindfully compose your self/mind and energies 30 sec. to 1 min. before and after bathing, or evacuating, avoid contaminating the eyes or the body.

These optimum performance protocols are a list of remembrances&#39 called regulating principles. All together equals little more than a total of a hour of your time out of a twenty four hour day! It has been proven that when it comes to health, safety and efficiency of performance that two to five minutes per hour will pay great dividends all around.

A Yin-Qi gong practice proves outRight that we can’ choose happiness and the divine gestures of unconditional love in Sheng Zhen are a fine place to start. *See YouTube. We are ment to be whole not fragmented beings Yin Qi gong&#39s energies serve to return our experience of life to one of wholeness’ energetically at least. I also recommend Reki, for its forward affirmations and worming touch & near-touch movements/and prayers that set the seen/mood nicely for the 2 mind(s)*the stomach & brain to become calm and relaxed 1st., which opens the heart and provokes the Chi, experience. Your Organs respond well to chi. “Chi is life giving&#39 energies, "Chi commands the blood, love commands the Chi no love no Chi, no Chi no life” (TCM)

And with this knowledge/skill-set, and an abundance of this type of strength (Chi) you can teach heal & give life energies and emotional support back to the (Source) and to others, within a short time of practice.

I feel that energy transformation/balancing and transference is the cat’s MeeoW.

And I know that there are others like me who are attempting to analyze all facets of endurance and fatigue and too present our findings comprehensively, hear are some of their results-

“Change eye-focus, near to far-every hour, close & or rest-eyes hourly 1-3 min. juggle projects to stay sharper more efficient & less board.“

Practical science also has discovered’ that we should/must observe the rituals of rest nourishment and energetic re-centering as well, several times everyday. Basically we are obliged to mindfully actively babysat our states of body mind and spirit. The good news is it can be done’ and the reword is a reciprocal equally-generous experience of support from the unlimited & divinely just’ creation.

The bad news is’ if you don’t observe the &#39hourly&#39 rest work regimen after 1 hr. y-our efficiency drops some 500%” the answer is&#39 don’t push through your fatigue address it & show it the door! And come back at optimum efficiency. I find a hot bath (soak) when I can get it, is a good start or end of the day! * The Heart, (KD) & Spine connect to all other organs’ so spend substantial time keeping them subtle and free -flowing everyday! Think of Yin as the pervading energies and Yang as the impulsive one. applying the strategic use of both&#39 find your own voice and inner balance! ’Good luck ..


In terms of restorative yoga, I find plow pose (anytime) and legs-up-wall pose & it&#39s variations (before bed) really useful to balance our energetic poles. Do not stay in plow for long however if you have elevated blood pressure. Straddle pose is perfect to open the Kidney, Bladder and Liver lines. Here&#39s s a useful explanantion of that one _

I do not know much about herbs or diet really, but I have noticed that coffee too often depletes my Yin as well as overly spicy food which I love, while warm porridge for breakfast helps re-build it. Never skip breakfast! But skip the cold orange juice.

Have fun!

Love Chad&#39s "lazy bum" analysis!! : )


Kidney yin in five element theory is water energy, so practice Qi Gong meditation on water will help enrich kidney yin energy of body, just go into the mountain find a small river chose 2 stones on the water, stand on them practice ZhanZhuang QiGong will help to get water Yin energy, the water should be pure clean and fresh will good for health. By the way, don&#39t fall into the water :)

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