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Kidney yin deficiency



I'm suffering from kidney yin deficiency and taking da bu yin wan currently to try and rebuild my yin. My question is if it would be okay if I ejaculate every 3 or 4 days. The reason I'm asking is because it seems like the longer I wait like in 5 days or more it seems like I start more shaking, and experience more tremors like a vibrating feeling. I know that in one ancient text they recommend every 9 days (i'm 35 now) , but I am curious to see what you guys think.

thanks, I appreciate


That is a misread of what the original texts say. They do not "recommend" that - they recommmend "limiting" to that amount. In other words, less, or none, is better. If you are needing to do that to feel better you need more appropriate treatment than just the formula you are on. I would strongly recommend that you see a fully trained practitioner in your area and receive more frequent treatment for a few months so that you are not under treating yourself.

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