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Kidney Yin deficiency and bones


My acupuncturist thinks I have a heart yin deficiency but she says that my condition is also very close to kidney yin deficiency. Therefore, I'm trying to determine what my underlying condition is in terms of TCM and I understand that kidney yin deficiency can cause heart yin deficiency. Additionally, I've felt a kind of sensation down to the core of my bones. I don't know how to quite describe it, but if I had arthritis and were an elderly man, it would feel like that. It's like some kind of heaviness or fatigue in my bones. My rheumatologist ruled out arthritis though which is why I've also turned my attention to TCM. I've always been trying to find an explanation for it ever since I started experiencing it a few years ago after college stress overwhelmed me, but I could never find any answers. Could it be a sign of kidney yin deficiency?


kidney yin def. is red tongue with little coating, fast and thread pulse, always night time sweat, in TCM, bones belong to kidney, so if kidney esscent run out the bone will be weak. the heart yin def. is thirsty with weak pulse..., for kidney yin def. use "Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan"


The foundation of yin in the body is the kidneys so it is common for someone with heart yin deficiency to have a root of kidney yin deficiency. In fact the most common yin building formulas are generally for "kidney" yin.

What you are describing could be something like "steaming bone disorder" which is a sensation of heat coming from deep inside the person in those with relatively severe yin deficiency.

Appropriate formulas could Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Da Bu Yin Wan, or even Tian Wan Bu Xin Wan which is for kidney and heart yin deficiency - although that is better for calming and not as effective on building the yin of the body.


I agree with Chad&#39s advice, and would like to offer the following addition.

In my experience, persons with bone pain also have low levels of Vitamin D.

Since the kidneys convert D to make it usable by the body, supplementation with Vitamin D3 is often necessary. Supporting Kidney function at the same time with the proper herbal formula results in the most long-lasting effect.

Certain fishes, cod liver oil, mushrooms & eggs are a few foods you should also include to increase D levels.


Thanks everyone for your comments. I&#39ve been consulting with a TCM doctor online and am waiting for a prescription herbal formula for kidney yin deficiency and a yin invigorator to come in from China. Actually, when I took a look at steaming bone disorder, it was interesting to see how it was very possible that I could have this condition since it&#39s such a close description of what I&#39m experiencing.

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