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Kidney yang defiency


Hi there, hoping to get some input on my situation. I am male 25. I have been dealing with what has been diagnosed as kidney defiency, spleen defiency, chi stagnation. This has been going on for two years with symptoms getting progrressivly worse over the course of time. Main symptoms- Incredible fatigue, Insomnia- waking in middle of night, no libido, weak erections, Cold extremities especially genitals., edema in my face, Constipation, etc. Symptoms seem to worsen if i try to exericse with any degree of intensity.

I have tried many non TCM naturapthic doctors with limited success. I started with a tcm Accupuncturist in febuary. I have done twenty treatments, as well as taken various herbal conncotions, with pretty much no change in anything. I am trying hard to rest, avoid excessive exercise, and sexual activity, but its getting tough seeing no improvements

I am wondering if this is normal, or is it time to move on to western doctors and some sort of hormone replacement therapy- something i truly dont want to do.

Also, at two treatments a week + herbs it is getting a bit expensive, especially since im not seeing any


feedback appreciated



Before I offer some more complete suggestions I would like a little more information from a western perspective. You mention possibly trying hormone replacement therapy... Have you had blood work done and your hormone levels tested already? If so, is there anything "wrong" with you from a western perspective?


From a western perspective, my adrenals are functioning on the low side of things. I did salivary hormone tests for adrenals, and came back level 5- out of 7, with 7 being the worst. Testosterone ( total, free, bioavable) are above normal. I have had an alternative doc prescibe me low dose cortisone previously, but i really wanted to approach things from a natural perspective and exhaust all other options. My thyroid is a within " normal" range, but low. almost on the border of hypothyroid. I do know from a western naturapathic approach, adrenals and thyroid go hand in hand.


You are right that you should be seeing improvement after 20 treatments - after 7-10 at the most in reality. I think from a TCM perspective your diagnosis is most likely correct but as you may know the points that people may use will vary considerably from practitioner to practitioner. No judgement intended on your current practitioner, but it is more than likely time to work with someone else. Sometimes just another perspective is helpful even within the field (if you want to write me off line and tell me where you live I may be able to make some suggestions).

Acupuncture should be very helpful for you, but I would caution you on taking too many herbal supplements. You more than likely do not need them and they can aggravate your condition. Moxibustion (which you can do at home) on ST 36 would be a decent adjunctive to do and if you were to take herbs some very basic formulas - perhaps something with ginseng would be good. - We often use a formula called "energy enhancer" for these types of conditions which you can look at for the ingredients list to see how well it matches up with what you've been taking.

I guess my only suggestion is to see a different practitioner. You should have had at least some moderate improvement at this point. Also, people will argue this, but you don't need to be treated twice a week for a deficiency condition (or any condition really). Once a week, perhaps with some home moxibustion, for 1-3 months should bring you some improvement.

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