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Kidney weakness and disease


How are the results of TCM acupuncture for helping kidney disease.Can it help stabilize it or improve functioning.Is it safe for people on dialysis?


In most cases, generally, it offers quite a bit. As Chinese Medicine works broadly it has a way of assisting the body with complex systemic conditions - so technically we would focus on why you are on dialysis and the areas that need support during dialysis (which are not limited to your kidneys). A general idea of how we approach things is found in the article - “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”.

There is much work in this area within Chinese Medicine, as an example, here is a trial starting on deferring dialysis for stage 5 ckd. There are limited general answers with something this serious, however, so working with a practitioner directly over months to years is how to get the best results.

But the short answer is, yes, there is much that can be aided in those situations.

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