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Kidney shrinkage


Well, I was not a good water drinker and that caused some calcification in my kidneys after a while like 5 years ago found my blood pressure was 95 over 150 and always a headache, my doctor after some urine test found trace blood in urine, ask to test the kidneys and all other organs related to urine circulation they found my left function 9% of my right one as all fluid circulation to and the size smaller then the right one of 9 centimeters they order more test to find the cause no luck after they surrender to three reasons, calcification, direct shock or born like that, since that i take 5 milligrams of licineprol every day and with stop alcohol, coffee and… My question is, could any treatment bring it back to regular size?


Possibly, but, again as your doctor pointed out, that could have been the way it always was. That’s not the point though, there are many options within Chinese Medicine, when properly tailored to you by a skilled practitioner, that can help kidney function overall, very likely getting you off western medications, and avoiding future problems. There are no single approaches though, treatment has to be tailored to each individual (see “treating the cause and not the symptoms”). I would suggest if you want to explore this option you consult directly with a Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area.


As a point of fact it is not only normal but expected that the kidneys will not be the same size. As @Chad_Dupuis stated Chinese medicine can help improve kidney function, which is not necessarily related to kidney size.


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