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Kidney mobility


I recently saw an osteopath who told me that my kidneys, which are supposed to be able to move up and down, were only moving up. As a result, kidney tubes and spermal tubes were entangled, which could be one cause of infertility that we’ve been experiencing. She freed up my kidneys, but wasn’t sure what I could do to maintain kidney flexibility and mobility. Any ideas about how to maintain this? Does it result from a yin or yang deficiency? Or something else?


When you say:

What exactly did she do to “free up your kidneys”? And if she can free them up what is the concern exactly to keep them free…

Regardless, yin and yang are simply concepts and not a cause of disease themselves. Depending on the underlying factors there are certainly aspects to Chinese Medicine that can be helpful for the localized inflammation, potential towards scar tissue, etc. that may be behind such an issue.


She used a series of pressure points (just with her hands), and somehow that moved things around.

My understanding was that this idea of kidneys needing the flexibility to move up and down was part of TCM. Am I wrong in that? And yes, yin and yang are concepts, but my understanding is that addressing the balance can lead to healthier body functions, so I’m hoping to figure out how to best help my kidneys (which seem to be functioning fine, but are just limited in movement).


This sounds a little strange to me. If you don’t have any physical issues, then I wouldn’t worry about it. Don’t confuse the kidney system with the physical kidneys - they are not the same thing. The “limited movement” thing sounds like a hoax to me, but there might be some other reason they are using this phrasing.


Physically speaking the kidneys are held in place by the renal fascia which is then surrounded by adipose tissue. From a bio-mechanical standpoint it would be nearly impossible for the kidneys to move up but not down. As for “kidney tubes and spermal tubes” being tangled I have no idea why anyone would say that. The kidneys are positioned well above the male reproductive organs and apparatus. The ureter - my best interpretation of what is meant by kidney tube - connects to the bladder above where the seminal vesicles are located. Barring some weird genetics or physical trauma it should literally be impossible that the ureter would tangle with anything related to the male reproductive system.


Ureters and spermatic cords aren’t near together. One kidney is a little higher than the other. I’ve seen many D.O. but never have had Osteopathic work and I am not familiar with theory like Chiropractic and Homeopathy. Very good points Stephen. :slight_smile:


Perhaps “mobility” is an Osteopathic medical term.


This may answer some questions!


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