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Kang Zhong Pian


Submitted By: tinapot

Hi! Has anyone tried this for cancer? My mom was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer st. 2, had chemo and radiotherapy then was in remission not until after a year it spread and now st. 4. I was searching for chinese herbal medicines that could possibly help my mom.

I found this product while searching the net and I just like to ask anyone here if it's effective. Thanks so much :)


If you haven&#39t already you may want to read a study I posted earlier.


Bai Mao Gen白茅根20g,Xian He Cao仙鹤草12g,Mu Dan Pi丹皮20g,Qian Cao茜草20g,Sheng Di Huang生地20g,Gou Ji Zi枸杞子15g,Dang Gui当归12g,Tain Hua Fen天花粉20g,Ce Bai Ye侧柏叶15g,Pu Huang(Tan)蒲黄炭10g,Boil with water水煎服,drink 1times daily每日1剂。for stop pain and bleeding.


I was thinking of adding Reishi mushroom. Do you think it would be much better? Thanks :)

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