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Joint pain, hyperactivity, lack of appetite (tongue pictures included)


Submitted By: spinverted

Hey all,

I started to go to an acupuncturist for elbow joint pain a few weeks ago. They typically treat me with LI 4/11 and several other points that I am not knowledgeable enough to know. I've recently developed several other symptoms (below), but my acupuncturist refuses to consider that I might have some kind of background imbalance. Any ideas on what might be going on here?

For as long as I can remember I've had dark circles underneath my eyes and been easily exhausted. I've put myself through a lot of mental and physical stress In the past to finish my schooling. I've injured my right elbow and right hip. Work induced repetitive elbow use led me to initially start going acupuncture.

I still have the dark circles under my eyes, but recently I've gotten very hyperactive and full of energy. Trouble is, it's too much energy as I often have insomnia. My heart sometimes races and I occasionally feel great anger. I have to watch what I say as to not be mean in public. Both my elbow and hip joints feel like they're getting more inflamed: they are starting to hurt worse I think. Also, I have little appetite and sometimes ringing in my right ear. If it helps, I am a mid-20s male with no history of drug use and only moderate social drinking.


The black spots under the eyes are generally a kidney imbalance and/or allergies - kidney if they come with some fatigue. The tongue, insomnia and anxiety point to Heart Yin Deficiency for which Tian Wan Bu Xin Wan, acupressure on HT 7, and proper acupuncture treatment points for insomnia. Heart yin generally has some origination in Kidney yin issues. Your poor appetite and tongue also indicate some mild spleen qi/blood deficiency which can also contribute to the palpitations and the insomnia - but that part seems mild. To supplement that aspect you could add in some Xiao Yao Wan.


So, you are suggesting that I take 2 supplements at once with a reduced intake of Xiao Yao Wan? Do the pills contain the herbs themselves or an extract?

Also, Chad thank you for making such a wonderful website! As a layman, I am truly enjoying reading up on the extensive theory and practice information that you have covered!


I&#39m not suggesting you do anything other than consult with a practitioner locally - ideally someone different than who you are currently seeing if you feel they are not treating you properly (i.e. constitutionally). I&#39m merely providing common taken routes given the brief information you have provided.

In general clinical use, it is very common to use 1-4 formulas at once, sometimes together, sometimes taken apart when under the supervision of an herbalist. The patent formulas are the herbs themselves not extracts. They are easier to take than the raw herbs as teas. Xiao yao wan with tian wan bu xin wan is a somewhat common combination. I tend to use very small amounts of herbs in my clinic, generally speaking, so what I would offer may not be valid for you. But we would start people with 5 tablets of xiao yao wan at breakfast and dinner and 8 tablets of tian wan bu xin wan before bed and see how they do. Then over time these dosages and more than likely the formulas as well would change as the person improves.

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