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Jin Gui Di Huang Wan & Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan


Hello all at Yinyanghouse,

Can one take Golden Lock and Golden Book teapills at the same time?

Golden Book - because Kidney weakness and heart imbalances (palpitation)

Golden Lock-because kidneys failing to store essence, involuntary seminal emissions (wet dreams) and urinary incontienence (dribbling)

The question is, can they be both taken at the same time for a month or so as neccessary?

P.S. I know there is a formula that strengthens the kidney, calms the shen, and locks the gate at the same time (Sang piao xiao wan) but is there anything inappropriate, or any inconsistentcies with the approach mentioned above?

As always, thank you for the insight

TraditoNal ways


Can you give us the chinese names of the formulas - not the trade names... That will be helpful.


Sorry, I thought that the name of the formula was ... A bit confusing. Golden book = pinyin. Jin Gui Di Huang Wan,
Golden Lock = pinyin Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan
Thank you


And as you cannot generalize about the usages of herbs and herbal combinations, what is the patients overall signs and symptoms, tongue and pulse? As well as any other responses positive or negative to any other formulas (and which ones)? - if any other treatment has been attempted.


Heart and kidney not communicating or in disharmony,

heart fire hyperactive, an shen bu nao wan helped alot in calming shen

kidney deficiency, sang piao xiao in tincture form benefited the kidney and strengthened patient.

bushen yen iao wan was also used and aided in urinary incontinence

also jin sou gu jing wan was necessary to lock gate and worked to stop regular nightly involuntary semen emissions, as kidneys were failing to store essence.

Now patients symptoms after a slight break are

back and knee pain, weak voice, rapid pulse, nervousness and quick sweating, urinary incontinence dribbling, weak sexual functionand complains, high temperature in upper body and cold lower, hot breath and regular nasal voice. (person is of a fiery nature at the moment, mentioned new symptoms stuttering)

formulas considering include tian wang bu xin dan and cang er zi san.

also spleen and kidney qi deficiency, but I don&#39t know about bu zhong yi qi wan right now, it was used before however I don&#39t know what it did.

please elaborate


also can you please name some formulas similar to an shen bu nao wan or any good heart formulas

Thanks much.


Current tongue and pulse?

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