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Jin gu die da wan usage recommendations

I have used jin gu die da pian before for a bad tendon in foot. It was a foot saver.
I broke my shoulder and I am taking for that. Is this the right formula? I figured it was so blood would not stagnate.
Would like some direction as to what is suggested for a prolapsed uterus?

Also asking for a friend that has a really bad bunion on big toes and can hardly walk. Any suggestions for that?
Not sure you are willing to say as you do not know either of us.
Thank you

So the right formula in any case is drawn from your tcm diagnosis, western issues/symptoms/conditions, and your current and historical health issues. While I could easily say that Jin Gu Die Da Wan is appropriate - it might not be for other health reasons, or due to the nature of the injury, or other limitations in the healing process (i.e. being diabetic - just as an example). A practitioner takes all of this into context when deciding what is right in that particular moment for that particular individual. Hard and fast rules are antithesis to Chinese Medicine.

Our shoulder pain page has a list of commonly used formulas that may be used along, with each other, in conjunction with something else - it all depends on the individual.

Same goes for the rest of your questions. In the case of a prolapsed uterus there are many potential causes from a TCM perspective, from a western perspective as well - so all of that is looked at in deciding a course of action.

For bunions - regular acupuncture can be helpful, but it has to be fairly consistent. This herbal liniment spray - Zheng gu shui can also be helpful in many cases. Probably the best benefit will often come from wearing proper shoes (nothing with heels, nothing narrow in the front (i.e. you want a wide toe box) - generally something along the lines of birkenstocks.

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