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Jin Gu Die Da Wan broken foot metatarsils


hello… I’m interested in this product to help heal my broken foot. And I have several questions. Does the product interfere/react with any medications I may be already taking? Can smaller dosages be tried initially then build to recommended dosages? Your product is in different packaging then the Plum Flower Jin Gu Die Da Wan. What is the difference.
I would really appreciate any information you can give me. I am new to Chinese Medicine.


Without listing all of your medications there is no possible way for us to answer this question. But if you are truly concerned you should discuss both with your medical doctor and with an acupupuncturist/herbalist in your area.

Generally speaking there are few interactions with Chinese formulas and medicines with blood thinners being the main exception. The formula you reference, jin gu die da wan, is generally taken for acute trauma over just a few days to a couple weeks, so it is generally well tolerated in that time frame. But again, only someone completely familiar with your entire medical history and all of your medications can properly answer that question.


Thank you ! I think it will be alright

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