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Jim stomach problems


Was just wondering if accupuncture could help me get off pain meds.just had hernia op and colonsopy in the last 8 weeks and quit smoking with chantix taking it only for week and half. My question.Been taking hydro codone for 4 years. no problems. Now, after all this,am having to take more to stop chronic diarrea. Can accupuncture get me off everything? Please help. Thank you.


More than likely yes, pain and all the drug related side effects are fairly commonly treated. While I have little doubt that you will improve with acupuncture, the level of results will depend greatly on your individual causes of the pain, your overall level of health, your diet and lifestyle, etc.

I would strongly recommend that you find a practitioner in your area and give them 6-10 treatments and then evaluate how you are doing. Ideally you find someone who does acupuncture along with tuina (chinese medical massage) and does cupping as well.

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