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Jiang Tang Pian question


I’m brand new here, not sure if this can be addressed on this forum. I didn’t see any contraindications for this formula except that it isn’t for children. What about contraindications for any other medications?


First of all choosing an appropriate herbal formula depend on the underlying causal patterns involved, not the symptoms. With that being said the likelihood of interaction effects between herbal formula and western medications is minimal. However if you’re taking other medications for blood sugar those dosages may need to be checked (usually lowered) if taking Jian Tang Pian/Wan specifically to control blood sugar levels.

If you wait an hour between taking herbal formula and any western drugs that should be sufficient to eliminate the already low risk of any metabolic interaction effects. Just like western drugs, you should only use herbal formula under the direction and guidance of a trained professional.


Thank you so much, Stephen, I appreciate your help, and the speedy reply! :slight_smile:


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