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Jade screen formula

Hi there,

Have a question generally about jade screen. I have my family on it for obvious reasons (coronav). Before this all happened, I had been working on clearing issues as a consequence of being on multiple antibiotics last yr. First it started out as a spleen qi deficiency/dampness, then graduated to gallbladder attacks. I did not understand or look at it from a tcm perspective till the last month or so. My question is: are there any type formulas I should not take with jade screen, i.e spleen qi defic formulas, blood stasis formulas, liver stagnation formulas. My intent was to get to an acu, but it never happened. Now I am basically avoiding exposure to people as much as possible, so its not happening. So right now I am trying to get myself to a place of health before the onslaught of coronav. I also have adrenal problems. They were ok, before panic about the pandemic set in. Now I’m rapidly unraveling as far as that too. I think taking a liver heat clearing formula sort of triggered that.

Thanks for any help.

Generally speaking while there are contraindications between formulas at times, the more critical point is to know exactly why you are taking something, for what exact clinical reasons, and what the plan following the changes that come from it are (i.e. your next steps). Some things have to be dealt with in stages and will not work all at once. Generally, it is my view, that the body does best with very clear messages at a time, rather than an onslaught of conflicting viewpoints - not that dissimilar from us as humans.

I would suggest, then, that you consult directly with a practitioner and work with them over a period of weeks/months and follow their advice.

For covid-19 particularly, I am putting together a blog article that should be published in the next few days that gets into potential herbal approaches that may answer your more specific question for now.

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