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Itching near the joints


Submitted By: Vidhya ghopu

Sir , Is the lymphatic system responsible for itching in the skin (in same area on both right and left sides especially in limbs) and near the joints ? What are the treatment points for the same?


When you ask questions in our forums you should include all relevant TCM diagnostic information. This question is far too broad to begin to offer a useful answer. Besides itching what are the patients overall health issues? Tongue, pulse? What is your TCM diagnosis, what have you tried and why do you feel it is not working? Answers to these types of questions allow us to help you.

That said, the lymphatic system is not responsible for itching, but it does help the body clear infections and other problems within the immune system. Generally speaking itching from a Chinese Medicine perspective can be heat in the blood and/or wind. For wind you use points to clear wind (GV 14, LV 3, for example) - for heat in the blood you use points to cool the blood (UB 40, SP 10, for example).


A general rule : Horizontally symmetrical disease is a kind of allergy - expel wind

Verrtical appearence of disease : neural ailment may have to expel both wind and heat

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