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itching around parametees of the fingers

is there a meridan related to itchy hands. the palms and dorsal aspexts are not itching just around the lateral aspects of the fingers. it starts then stops. Apprecitate any information you can give me. thank you

What have you done to try to resolve this? and to what effect? Any other health issues?

Generally speaking the area that a problem is and potentially relating that to the underlying meridian is very often not relevant. What is more important is looking broader systemically and what is happening and trying to resolve those issues. So itching is generally either dryness, inflammation, or both. So you work on eliminating inflammatory foods from the diet and increase water and fresh vegetable intake and see what happens to start.

In TCM terms itching -can- be related to the liver system (see “my liver is what” for more on what is meant by the “liver” in TCM terms).

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