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Itch after moxa at Du 14

Today I have treated a family member with moxa at GV 14. At the beginning she didn’t feel so much, but later she relaxed more and she said that it started to itch enormously. What could that mean, specifically with this tsubo?

She’s had a fever about 2 weeks ago, lost her voice after that and she has been coughing the last few days but is obviously recovering at the moment.

Thanks for thinking along.

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Do you mean just the area around GV 14 itched after the moxibustion or her body all over itched?

If just the area, it probably means just localized irritation perhaps from too strong moxibustion. If broader parts of her whole body and then a subsequent improvement of symptoms then that is largely what is “supposed” to happen - i.e. clearing wind and heat. That said, if fever is present (doesn’t sound like it was) moxa isn’t always the best option (either needling, cupping and/or bloodletting would likely be better).

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