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It is possible to treat uric acid to stop the pills


A 31-year-old man has been taking pouches for uric acid for 2 years and pounds for pressure from his 23 years.It is 125 kilos 1.91 height.
It has very large tonsils.
In recent times, astigmatism has also occurred.
His tongue has a crack in the middle heater is large and wide and right to the left swirled with yellow coating on the middle and under the heater.


Yes it is possible to treat high uric acid and gout through acupuncture. The first step would be to review the patient diet and make sure that no uric producing foods are being eaten regularly or better yet at all.


While each treatment has to be tailored to each individual - a previous response of mine contains our general approach to gout.

Some potential herbal approaches are discussed on the gout page already mentioned.

The yellow tongue coating indicates heat so that along with other signs will dictate your approach.


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