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Is this a normal reaction to acupuncture?


Hi. I'm relatively new to using acupuncture as a treatment modality. I am having problems recovering from a facelift (primarily discomfort around ears) and my plastic surgeon suggested seeing an acupuncturist. I had my first session last week with an acupuncturist who was highly recommended. I was very encouraged after the first session and saw a noticeable improvement withing 2 hours. The improvement --in varying degrees--continued all week. Yesterday I had the second session with the same acupuncturist who inserted the needles in the same places as the first time (around ears & jaw & in arms & hands). This time, however, I immediately experienced a worsening of symptoms. They are now slightly worse than before I had the first session. Is this in any way normal? Should I give up on this practitioner if the symptoms do not improve quickly? Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


You really need to discuss this with your acupuncturist. It&#39s hard to comment without knowing a more detailed picture. You don&#39t say specifically what your primary problems are but, it is common to have healing pain after surgery to the face.

Does your acupuncturist take your pulses before, during, and after sessions? And have they checked your tongue? That needs to happen regardless of what you are presenting with. Talk to your practitioner, and explain what the problem is. We can&#39t respond to our patients if they don&#39t tell us what&#39s going on!

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