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Is there such a thing as treating too many points at once in Acupressure?

I am doing GV Master and Couple acupressure points for a person’s back problems. She is also experiencing grief over the death of a loved one. Would it be beneficial to do different points for grief also in the same session or is this too many points and therefore not so helpful for one session.?

If there is a relevant reasoning for using x, y and z points, then using them is completely appropriate. Generally speaking you want to send very clear messages to the body, so confusing it with a barrage of points would not often lead to good results. Our acupuncture point treatment plan guidelines provides some ways of looking at point selection (more directly related to acupuncture vs. acupressure).

In essence you want to look at the root of their conditions first and foremost and choose points based on that - this opposed to chasing after each individual symptom. See “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that.

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