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Is there any hearing loss cure


i have hearing loss, How can i restore my hearing? my left ear is profound and right one severe. it has been worsening year by year. Kindly advise how i can go about in restoring my hearing. There are no local practitioners to consult.


Possibly, it greatly depends on the cause and your underlying issues from a Chinese Medicine perspective (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”).

Our hearing loss section has some possibly underlying diagnoses, treatment protocols and possibly relevant formulas. But these are merely pointers for practitioners. If there isn’t a practitioner nearby that you can work with directly I highly doubt, unfortunately, that anything you can do via self-diagnosis and self-treatment is going to do much. But if you can describe the hearing loss, what you think the causes are, and some of your overall health, I might be able to offer some more specific suggestions.


Thank you for your feedback,
My back ground is as follows:

Im aged 41 years. My left ear which is profound started with pain and started experiencing hearing loss in my early 20s. It used to pain especially when cold and only used it for listening once in a while on phone calls currently i can only hear on high volumes with this left ear. The same has started with the right ear as I have severe hearing loss despite it being alright in the past. I find it difficulty especially when cold and I have to pop my ears ocassionally. when i visit hospitals they say there is no cure and only hearing aids are prescribed without giving me full diagnosis on what could be the cause. When I discovered your webside I decided to try chinese herbs. With little self diagnosis I want to order Er Long Zuo Ci Wan and see if it helps. My sight has also started declining as I was told to have glaucoma.

My kind regards.


Well through a forum online and based on your symptoms alone I can’t directly comment on whether er long zuo ci wan would be appropriate for you - but it may very well be. All the more so if you are developing glaucoma.

Do you have any allergy symptoms or other symptoms of inflammation (headaches, etc.) besides the ears popping.


I experience ringing in the ear, headache, ear ache and blurred vision. I also feel dizy at times. I have no idea of the underlying cause. I will send my medical results for the liver and kidneys as soon as i get them.

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