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Is there a treatment or alternative remedies for excessive sweating


Submitted By: smilepolice01

Hi i have a problem about too much sweating even is not to hot especially in my hands and feet. Is there cure for excessive sweating?


Acupuncture can be used to treat excessive sweating. You will, however, need to see a practitioner who will perform a full intake to determine the reasoning (in Chinese Medicine terms) behind your sweat issues. You can read my comment to a similar question here. In addition to what I have said there, it sounds like you may have more of what we call Kidney Yin Deficiency - which has a symptom called "heat in the 5 palms" (hands, feet, and chest). In the Tam Healing System that we use the following points would be useful - huatuo (close to side of the spine) of T4, T5 on the left side, GV 22, LI 17, PC 8, KD 3, PC 6, ST 12.


thank you for that answer...

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Hi, Chad:

I have a patient(32 yo male) with excessive sweating. My TCM Dx is Yin deficiency of Liver and Kidney(red face,red tougue without coating, wiry, fast pulse). His sweating feature is summer better, winter worse, worse when stress or anxious, not worse when exercise. I checked this post. Other than common acupuncture points, you suggested Hutuo T4, T5 on the left side. Following the link, other post by David Hoffman suggested adding Bladder meridian T4 level two on right side, one on left side. I want to know whether the difference is because one is yin deficiencty another is yang deficiency. I&#39m not familiar with Tam Healing System. I already supplemented with Herbs like (Shen Di, Fou Xiao Mai, Zhi Mu, Zhi Zi, Chai Hu, Mai Dong, ect). Any other suggestion. Thanks


The huatuo points don&#39t have yin/yang differentations per se. The huatuo of T4 is for the breast, sweat glands, hair follicles... - so both sides would be applicable. The differentation at T5 is that the left is for the heart (generally for more physical issues) and the right is for the pericardium (generally more emotional/psychological issues). In practice we either use both or whichever elicits sensitivity upon palpation.


There are 2 kinds of sweating: daytime sweating and nightime sweating, daytime sweating is Qi deficiency, nightime swesting is Yin deficiency. There are 4 kinds of reasons to cause them, first: Stomach heat, second: Spleen and Stomach damp heat, third: Heart and kidney yin deficiency, Forth: Spleen and Stomach cold deficiency. Different pattern use differen medicine formula to treat, for acupuncture or acupressure massage, usually use Si 3, ki 3, Li 7, ki 7, Ht 6 etc., drink Xi Yang Shen or Hua Qi Shen tea also help.


i would agree on applying moxibustion to kid7 and kid3 30-45mins both feet. i witnessed instant dryness and lesser cold to patients.


30-45 minutes of moxibustion seems like an awful lot. Is that correct? If so, what kind of moxibustion are you doing for that long. In my experience anything more than a few minutes or 8-12 cones except in the rarest of circumstances is more than adequate.

And what diagnosis are you doing this on - I am assuming you wouldn&#39t do that much moxibustion on someone with yin deficiency but only for cases where the sweating has underlying yang deficiency?

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