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Is it okay to have see more than one practioner


Hello - Is it okay to see more than one practioner within the same week? For example, I would like to visit two different acupuncturist within the same week? Would it be okay if I saw two different practioners in the same week? I have a chronic condition and I was told to try acupuncture. The acupuncturist of my choice is not available on some days that I’m available but another practioner is.

Thank you!


I really would not recommend that. You shouldn’t need more than one appointment per week so it would be best to find one practitioner and work with them. Now if you’re asking if it is okay to see different kinds of practitioners i.e. a massage therapist in between acupuncture treatments, that would be fine. In that case try to space out the treatments so the body has time to adjust. So don’t see a chiropractor right after your acupuncture appointment.


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