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Is it important for an acupuncturist to have there own clinic website?


Good day everyone! I am new here and I was just thinking if having a website for acupuncturist is important? Since internet is very mainstream.


Ultimately most acupuncturists do best with word of mouth referrals. Your own website is of value perhaps in more crowded markets, but is probably of limited value otherwise. You should, of course, have one, but expecting that to be the critical part of growing your practice will likely disappoint. Along with own website, you&#39ll want to have a google places listing, yelp listing, a facebook business page, etc. Just for the presence.

For many people just having a google plus business page (as it shows up in map listings) and using that as your "website" is probably enough.

For the most part unless you build a large site and post frequently you will not have much traffic to your site, particularly in areas saturated with acupuncturists.


Word of mouth is important but 49% of my patients have come from web searches (the most significant source of new patients by quite a large margin), and my website is the third most frequent reason patients give for choosing me rather than another acupuncturist. There aren&#39t a huge number of acupuncturists in my area and I&#39ve done a fair amount of work on it so my site ranks well, which definitely helps. My recommendation is that if you&#39re going to have a website, make it a good one.

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