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Is it a yang or a yin deficiancy


Hi ,thank you very much for you answer , and i would like to add some of my symptoms:

->Black circles around the eye even while going through a high diet in iron ,and getting enough sleep.

-Feeling cold and chilly and even during summer i rarely sweat

-Suffer from pms : like lower abdomen pain, legs pain ,joint pain knee, ankl ,heels, wrist, fingers ... but not at a time .

-Allergies for dust and dust mites .some food allergies

-problems with urinating i went though a urinary track infection caused by staphylococcus and still when i suffer with gas feel tightness .

-Married since 5 year had no bebe yet but had a miscarriage at 12 weeks they said it did not grow .since than i mean the miscarrige i started having leds and joint pain before and 2 days after my periode

-Yellowish spots on my thighs.

-Recently catch colds easily

Thank you for taking trouble reading my request.


You easily feel cold, that mean you are yang deficicency, you need more warm your body for good blood circle, if you need a bebe please go see a TCM doctor for detail diagnosis and drink some herb tea or acupucture.

Thank you!


Feng Mei

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