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Is acupuncture safe?



I encountered this person on the web who offers this type of acupuncture called as aqua acupuncture,where a small amount of water is injected into the specific points where otherwise needles would be pressed so as to give longer effects.

Do you think it could be harmful?Can it have potential side effects?

If any links are required to analyse the procedure,I would put them here,

Please answer me.

Thank You


This is against law for acupuncture injection in USA.


As anyone who reads the majority of my posts on here I am generally conservative when it comes to acupuncture. While I am all for advancing the field and trying new things, this, quite frankly, sounds ridiculous. Acupuncture is fine just the way it is - just find a good practitioner and work with them and stay far away from the gimmicks... (and it may very well be illegal as Feng points out, although it really depends on who is doing it). If you, or your practitioner, feel that you can "sustain" the effects of acupuncture points (which is not really how it works anyways as the changes are internal and the points are simply gateways.. but..) presstacks, press balls, etc. have been used for a much longer time to attain the desired effects.

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