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Irritable when taking new herbs


My TCM practitioner put me on Xiao Yao Wan, Gui Pi Wan, and Liu wei di huang wan. I see her again on Saturday but I wanted to ask here. I feel like today and yesterday I’ve had a couple of moments when i was a little impatient and irritable. Wondering if there is anything that may stand out or if that says anything. I am thinking that maybe it is causing some detox since one of the formulas is liver oriented?


So, first, in Chinese Medicine the “liver system” is only marginally related to your physical liver. It is so much more than just the organ - for more on that read “My Liver is What?”.

Now when you mention a bit “impatient and irritable”, I would have to guess from the formulas you were prescribed that you already have a range of psychological and/or insomnia issues along with a fair amount of palpitations and/or heat signs? If so, what is different from these symptoms from what you were experiencing before treatment?

In general, Chinese herbs when properly prescribed and used are quite safe but as with anything that alters our physical and emotional being there will be changes. For the most part, certainly compared to western medicines, these changes are slower but more complete if that makes sense - generally with very minimal side effects. Stronger side effects are rare and usually the result of incorrect diagnosis and consequent formula choices.


I don’t have palpitations and i’m not totally sure what a heat sign is. The difference is I am being shorter with people and its noticeable. You are right in that I have a lot of issues with those two areas but I am generally not short with people. This just started the last two days and thats when I started them. Could this be a sign they are a bad fit or maybe detox has started?


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Because you not providing any real information about why you are on herbs to begin with, I can’t offer much except to say that particular combination of formulas looks a little bit like a kitchen sink approach to me. Certainly xiao yao wan and gui pi wan are often used together and in the right diagnosis adding in liu wei di huang wan wouldn’t be implausible, but in my clinical work I tend to be more simplistic and more direct. Either gui pi wan or liu wei are the likely candidates for removal at least temporarily. But this is really a question to discuss with your practitioner who is more deeply familiar with your history and current symptoms and with their reasoning for choosing those formulas.


Can you help me know what information you need? I went to see the TCM practitioner for severe chronic fatigue syndrome which I have been suffering from for about seven years now. I don’t know what her official diagnosis is but she said I had low kidney pulse spleen deficiency and stressed liver.


Chad is it possible that the Liu Wi Di Huang could be causing impotence issues?


I would suggest, even not knowing all your medical details/history, that it is highly unlikely that liu wei di huang would cause impotence.


I held off on taking it today, it seems that it has resolved some. I’ll hold off on taking it again tomorrow and see what happens.

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