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Iron Deficiency or Iron Overload

Hello, I am 19 years of age. I wanted to know how I can tell the difference between Iron Deficiency or Iron Overload. I don’t have any serious symptoms but I do feel a bit fatigued and light-headed when I get up from laying down or sitting on the floor. I think it may be something with Iron because I have made some changes to my diet. Trying to eat less red meat, but still eating plenty of fish, vegetables and fruits. I have seen improvements in my body, I have less phlegm in the morning. And my face has less pimples, my nose is not congested anymore. But now its been a few days and I have noticed these symptoms I mentioned above. Am not sure what is the diagnosis, but I would like to catch it early if possible.

I would simply go get some bloodwork if you are concerned. The symptoms you are describing could come from a near infinite number of causes, many of which wouldn’t involve the possibility of being anemic.

In general eating less meat would be extremely unlikely to do anything but benefit you overall, in the short and long term.

There is a condition called POTS, google it tons of good information on the web. My questions to you would be, how long has this been going on? Have you ever fainted or became so dizzy you almost collapsed. I have worked with only one POTS patient, she was so fatigued, she could no longer
be involved in sports, she was a runner and volleyball player. 14 years old…
My advice is totally get blood work, if it is POTS an increase in salt is necessary, I do not suggest increasing salt just randomly however. There are many other possibilities, Vitamin B and D levels could be low and so on. Good luck,

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