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Iron constipation


*hi my sis age 40 . She is taking iron pill from 5 days n now she is not getting fresh properly . Mean little bit stool is passing. Pls guide


If it’s only from the iron pills, then the obvious solution would be to not take iron supplements. You could work around the constipation with acupuncture and/or appropriately prescribed herbal medicine (you’d have to see a practitioner to see which ones fits). But in many cases the causes of low iron are more effectively and broadly dealt with with properly prescribed Chinese medicine formulas (potentially formulas could possibly be bu zhong yi qi wan or ba zhen wan, as examples) and/or acupuncture. I would suggest you consult with a practitioner locally.


Until this woman can get to a Dr. of TCM, she could change to a non-constipating type of iron supplement - such as iron pyrophosphate or iron bisglycinate. Typically used iron supplement such as iron sulphate is notoriously constipating.

From my reading (anyway, FWIW) anemia isn’t always a simple matter of take more Iron pills and be done with it.

"When Vitamin E is undersupplied, not only are iron absorption and hemoglobin formation impaired, but also the essential fatty acids forming part of the cell structure are so altered by oxidation that cells break down. The speed with which the red blood cells are destroyed when exposed to oxygen, however, has become the test for Vit E deficiencies. If Vit E is undersupplied, so many red cells spill their contents into the blood that the anemia is just as severe as if these cells had never been produced. Furthermore, the life span of the remaining blood cells is markedly reduced. (from “Let’s Get Well”. These statements based on published medical research.)

Yet, such is the wonder of TCM that it can straighten these things out without supplements. Amazing. Good luck to your sister.

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