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Introduction to the Tong Ren Therapy - Energy Healing Method - discussion (2020-03-16 08:41:04am)

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I would like to ask question, if if there is not a problem if I am helping to man after operated spine few years ago, which having also a titan in lumbar till middle thoratic spine. After alternative natural healing methods like Scalp acu or basic acupuncture he start walking with 2 sticks and want to help him more just I would like to know if there is not a problem when the energy in the titan area start flow more normal? Hopefully there is any chance that the titan can be absorbed or restored with the Qi.
Thank for your answer,
All the best from Marian

Are you asking about tong ren therapy specifically? or acupuncture, or tuina? What is your background? - are you asking generally? or as a practitioner? and if a practitioner, what do you practice?

Thanks for answer, I am asking especialy for that problem with my client. I am working as natural practitioner especialy helping last years mostly with CMT complete manual therapy and chiropraxy, and when I have finished in UK acupuncture licence, then I have started acupuncture as well. I see the power of all that treatment I have done and I like it of course to help people. I like study here in yinyanghouse web and I try to ask about that what I have wrote before.
I have a client who had two tumors near the spinal cord at L1 and L5 and was operated on. Got the titanium for stabilizing the spine and the doctors said it would be only in a wheelchair.
After more than 1.5 years he contacted me and as I wrote together we spun it in his body again and he started walk and drive a car, we partially revitalized nerves on his legs and pelvis. What I am personally interested in is whether I can embark on a complete start-up of the energy flow of the water element, where it still has a large blockage. Therefore, I asked if you have any experience with something similar, especially if a person is after surgery and has titanium in his body. Is there any possibility that Qi energy can absorb titanium and subsequently repair the spine and ligament?
Thank you very much for your answer.

Certainly the area and the tissues surrounding the implant can heal and much can be done to foster that. Along with acupuncture, other techniques may also be utilized to break down scar tissue that may have collected around those areas and further improve circulation. Perhaps, instead of generalized statements, you could post exactly what points you plan on using and, if applicable, what your hesitation is in using them. That might allow us to have a more direct discussion on your planned approaches. But it sounds like you’ve already helped them quite a bit, so I would likely just keep going with what you’ve been doing.

Thank you Chad for your encouraging answer.
Yes I understand. Why did I hesitate? Simply, in the heart of the EU where I am working on it, orthodox medicine is not linked with TCM and natural healing, so sometimes it is difficult to convince and heal so difficult cases. I understand and I am planing to re-use the aromatherapy and wrap around the implant area, as well as the acupuncture of the water element, and I am observing the pulse on the hands and the color and coating of the tongue. The client also trains and works on himself. Thank you very much for your help and Best regards

Yes, while perhaps changing what you are doing might lead to even better results, so long as the patient is moving in the right direction you are doing the right thing - it’s that simple :slight_smile:

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