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Internal Wind & Living Conditions


Hi! I have a seizure disorder (internal wind and tense liver). Is there a specific climate people with my condition can live in to assist in healing? I’ve read about people moving to the desert to help them with their ailments so I am curious if it might help me, too. According to my eastern doctor I’ve also developed mold allergies and I’ve spent most of my life living in a temperate rainforest where there’s mold everywhere! I wasn’t able to find much information about TCM and climate so I appreciate any advice.


The easiest answer is no it wouldn’t make much of a difference to move, but what you have is generally treatable. While it is true that our environment plays a role in our health - the “environment” is a much broader concept in Chinese Medicine which encapsulates the physical environment, our living environment, our dietary environment, our social environment, our psychological environment, etc.

To start with I would suggest you read our basic introduction to the five elements, a far more detailed set of articles on classical five element acupuncture, as well as the post, “My spleen is what?”. These articles will give you a decent introduction to the concepts of environmental factors.

Generally Chinese Medicine is all about awareness and harmony. So without making it too simplistic - if you live in a damp environment you don’t eat damp producing foods, or live too static of a lifestyle, etc. - (i.e. you avoid damp contributing factors to accommodate your environment). Moving would just be yet another adjustment on your body (not to mention socially, economically, etc.). While there are probably cases where this might be helpful, there are almost always ways to help your body better live in your current climate with a little knowledge of what to do and what to avoid.

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