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Internal Tremor - legs mainly


Have you treated ‘internal tremor’ felt mainly in the legs and without obvious external shaking?
Maybe related to Thyroid issues and/or anxiety.
Would the heart meridian points be applicable as used in ‘essential tremor’.

Kind regards. Tony


The treatment protocol would depend on all the other signs and symptoms the patient is presenting with. A trembling sensation could be caused from a variety of factors that range from deficiency to excess patterns so without knowing more I couldn’t say. If you’re leaning towards the sensation as due to a heart pattern then in general you can use HT 8 for excess or HT 7 for deficiency. If there are confirmed thyroid issues you can use DU/GV 22 with C6.


Thank you for your reply.

Other symptoms from a TCM perspective - yellow tongue and flushed face.

GP wants to prescribe propanol for anxiety!


As. Expected the doctor gave propanalol - which have had an effect in calming the tremor (she says jitters) so with this in mind what points would you select if this is as appears, over anxious?


Sorry, also there is a diagnosis of hypothyroidism but she is on the lowest dose thyroxine - 25mg - but I suspect the TSH level is low on testing due to the anxiety and related increase in inflammatory hormone has driven the TSH down!

Thank you


Certainly everything you are describing is entirely treatable with Chinese Medicine, and commonly so. That said, I’m curious why you are asking for specific points? Are you a practitioner?

If not, whatever you are planning to do with those points, such as acupressure, is generally not going to be effective enough to resolve your conditions overall. I strongly suggest you find a practitioner in your area, ideally one who practices both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and work with them for 3-5 months and you should be fine.

Treatments are technically based on your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms such as liver fire, or ht yin deficiency as examples - not based off of your symptoms or your western conditions (for more on that see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”).

From your tongue and symptoms at least, a somewhat close protocol would be this phlegm effecting the heart protocol for anxiety and herbally you’d likely do well on a combination of shu gan wan and jia wei xiao yao wan. But you should consult with someone locally who can provide you with a more precise diagnosis after physical inspection and talking to you more about your history. Then treatment is easier and they can provide appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes that are tailored to your specific diagnosis and needs.


Thank you Chad. Yes, I am a practitioner trained several years ago in ‘Western’ acupuncture but becoming increasingly interested and fascinated by these concepts and looking to learn and develop more.
Your explanation offers more of an understanding to a diagnosis of cause as there are several medical/psychological factors (medical diagnosis of thyroidism, menopausal symptoms, plus the anxiety).
I follow the forum and blogs with great interest


Keep in mind that in the context of TCM the western medical factors which are kept as separate conditions (here the thyroidism, menopause, and anxiety) are often not in fact different conditions but rather different symptoms from a single pattern of imbalance - in this case ht yin deficiency could certainly fit. So in effect if you treat the heart yin deficiency you are able to address the thyroidism, menopause and anxiety all at once (assuming the diagnosis of heart yin is in fact acurate for your patient).


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