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Internal heat and sweating


I have some questions concerns about sweating in typical body.

I heavily sweat on underarm area and back side of the chest.
During this process,
I feel coldness on my kidney to cooldown the heat on kidney area.

Can anyone please tell me which part of internal heat I have ?


Do you have any nightsweats? Do you sweat only with exertion or will it happen with limited movement? Generally sweating is a sign of weakness, either kidney yin deficiency (with more nightsweats and palpitations) or spleen yang deficiency (with more cold, spontaneous sweating, and fatigue).

But there are complicated cases of mixed deficiencies with excess - like cold above and heat below (where people may feel cold in their head and chest but their legs will sweat) and heat above and cold below which is different from empty heat (kidney yin) rising. A practitioner who can physically inspect you and discuss your health history would be in the best position to arrive at your diagnosis.

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