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Internal healing/holistic healing


While in Central America I contracted a mosquito virus (Zika or Chikungunya) in addition to severe incompatibility with the humid climate.
Symptoms: severe whole body inflammation;
immobilizing inflammation in soles of feet;
painful inflammation of fingers and hand joints;
As swelling subsides: blood in urine off and on;
deep amber urine;
very yellow urine;
completely clear urine;
increased content and frequency of bowel elimination;
impacted bowel (one time; organic self-remedy);
increased neuropathy of 4 fingers on one hand (began as tingling/numbness in tips of fingers prior to travel).

Prior to travel, my Acupuncturist noted/treated my “hot & damp” nature as chronic. Aside from this chronic condition and occasional injuries I have enjoyed a healthy, strong physical body without disease or disorder or drugs.

What holistic measures does Chinese Medicine suggest to heal the kidney, bladder, liver and cool the system? I use Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Essential Oils, Organic Lifestyle and herbal supplements.

Thank you for any advice.


For any given condition what techniques we use depends on many factors. In general combining multiple approaches - diet, exercise, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal therapy, etc. tends to provide favorable results. It seems like you already are following several pathways towards better health. Your current acupuncturist could probably give you a more detailed treatment plan if that’s what your asking.


Yes, thank you, Stephen. I was just looking for additional input regarding
“hot & damp” condition generally and kidney /bladder wisdom generally.


I don’t know how much you already know about Chinese Medicine, so these basic articles might not be enough information but I suggest you read “My Kidneys are What?” and “My Spleen is What?”. Generally speaking you don’t have hot and damp from the kidney system - you can have empty heat/yin deficiency (i.e. “tired and wired”) from the kidney yin or you can have cold from kidney yang deficiency. Damp generally arises from a weak spleen system (i.e. your digestive/assimilation system) but can come from other causal factors - generally spleen qi deficiency, spleen yang deficiency or excess conditions like stomach/spleen damp heat. You technically can have damp heat in the lower warmer (this can be specifically bladder damp heat - so UTI’s for example).

These are just some general considerations to get you headed in the right direction, there are endless ways this can arise in a given individual.


Besides the various treatment modalities you’re doing, there are some things you could also do with your diet. You should avoid hot/spicy foods, greasy/oily foods, milk products with the exception of yogurt, soy products, and processed foods in general. If you have a juicer [machine] watermelon, cucumber, and/or celery all help to clear damp heat from the lower jiao (where the kidneys and bladder are located). If you don’t have a juicer eating them can help but not nearly as much as from juicing. Engaging in moderate exercise to work up a light sweat is also helpful for clearing both damp and heat.


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