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Internal/external conditions


Hi Guys, what is the significence of of internal/external conditions?


You would probably have to elaborate to get a clearer idea of what you are really trying to figure out. But they are what they say they are - conditions are external to most degrees when they arise from external influences and/or stay on the external aspects of the body’s defenses - the most common would be lung wind-cold - which in most cases would be the common cold, among other issues. Internal conditions are that arising from internal imbalances such as liver fire which is likely from a combination of poor diet and poor emotional control in many cases.

The significance is largely how you go about resolving the conditions. External conditions can generally be treated by “releasing the exterior” - whereas if you did that with certain internal conditions you could weaken the person and make them worse. Likewise, if an external condition were treated by tonification principles you could strengthen the influence and drive it in deeper making the patient worse.

If by chance you were asking about internal/external dragons (related concepts from the five element perspective) - then that is discussed in our five element treatment section.


Thankyou so much Chad exactly what I was searching for. Thanks for
explaining it in detail. :blush:


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