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Intense itching in the same spot


Hi, brand new issue for me that I would love advice for. I just moved away from my favorite tcm practitioner so this forum is so helpful to me.

There’s a small area on my stomach, at my right ovary, that has been itching like crazy for a week. I don’t have any skin conditions or allergies right now. I do, however, have problems with my right ovary during periods (sharp, intense pain that causes panic attacks). I also have a seizure disorder that affects my entire right side so I’ve been diagnosed with internal wind and liver and tendon issues. I’m just wondering what exactly this is and how I can treat it. If it helps, I’m currently more anxious than usual due to certain family members coming over for Christmas.

Thanks again for your help.


Itching, particularly when there is also pain that is not obviously from other external/topical skin issues is nearly always coming internally from some type of inflammation/obstruction/infection. Certainly fibroids (which can come and go), kidney issues (such as stones), ovarian cysts, etc. could all create what you are describing. It would be a reasonable idea to consult with an ob initially and have them do an ultrasound at least, or a physical inspection to try to see what you are working with (even if your plan is to treat it entirely with Chinese Medicine).

While not always this range of issues may arise from liver stagnation (which can generate heat and/or wind). So if you have been receiving treatment based on that diagnosis, either this is something entirely new that a practitioner would have to account for, or just another manifestion of your yet unresolved (or misdiagnosed) underlying issues - in which case more and (possibly) better tailored treatment would be required from the Chinese side.

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