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Insomnia, seizures & painful menstruation - are they related?


Hi everyone. I’m a long time acupuncture-enthusiast and I’m becoming interested in herbs. The problem is I have no idea where to start - I’m overwhelmed by all my research. I developed all of these illnesses in the same year so I have a strong feeling that they’re related but I’m having trouble piecing it all together and finding the right diagnosis. I want to know what is wrong with me and what kind of herbs I should look into.

My ailments:

Chronic insomnia: I can’t fall asleep without sleeping pills and I often have strange dreams. Once I finally fall asleep I don’t wake up until morning.

Dysmenorrhea: Suspected endometriosis. I have severely painful stabbing pain during menstruation, mainly on the lower right side, followed by vomiting and fainting. Sometimes a panic attack.

Seizures or “hysteria”: I’ve had non-epileptic seizures since I was 12. They are triggered by stress. It’s also called Conversion Disorder.


The absolute best thing for you to do, particularly if you are deeply interested, is to consult directly with a practitioner. There is a whole host of information and other details that we need to properly offer recommendations that is simply unsuitable for a public forum (and some you just can’t do such as various physical diagnostic tools).

There is very likely a deep relationship between your issues, but generally it is not a linear one like how most western minds want to think - i.e. A causes B and B causes C. This is where a deep understanding of the theories of Chinese Medicine is critical and treatment wise there are stages to proper resolution of these issues even if you know the deepest underlying diagnosis. Clearing/moving first before you strengthen generally, but it gets far more elaborate than that.

All that said you have have issues that are very commonly treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine, so I suggest you see a practitioner in your local area.

Some articles to explore the diagnostic procedure would be “treating the cause and not the symptoms” and “how to choose a formula”. Our general sections on insomnia and acupuncture for insomnia and dysmenorrhea and acupuncture for dysmenorrhea may also be of interest.


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