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Inmuta sistem bronquitis crónic


Hi my question is I need sometime , for my immunity sistem old the time I have flu , bronquitis crónic ,
I use smokin for like 35 years, I quick 5 years ago
Maria elena Valenzuela


You best option would be to find someone local to work with if possible. There are some herbal formulas that could help strengthen the lungs but which one in particular would depend on what other kinds of symptoms you have. Do you have a lot of mucus and phlegm - is it sticky or thin and does it have color? Do get hot or have fever a lot? How is your sleep? What is your activity level like? What’s your diet like? All those things are important factors in determining which formula would be appropriate.


Yes mucus must couch I have asmavand fribromyalgia and DHD and depresión so the medicin what I take is
Paroxetine the 10 mg 1 a day
Gab ape tin the 400mg 1 a day
Methilfenidate the 27 mg
And flu now I take
Azetromicina 250 mg
Contac Zirtic …
Thanks for helps


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