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Info request-Shingles


A patient who has had shingles for aprox. 9 months presented a few weeks ago to our clinic, We have tried herbal formulas and acu with and without stim with no response to treatment. Pain score at a 9.

Shingles are just superior to the Dai Mai ant and posteriorly.

Any suggestions welcome


Points for Shingles: Sj5, Gb20, 34, 41, 43, Ub40(bleeding), Sp9, 10, Lv2, Du14, Li4, 11, add suround needles from head to tail(each one needle to stop it expand) and use flat needling 3-10 needles include local JiaJi points. Herb formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang.


It would be ideal if you could write out the points and herbal medicines that you have already tried as well as some diagnostic signs and your overall diagnosis for the patient. This way we don&#39t tell you everything you&#39ve already done. You can read our standard acupuncture for shingles page, but I can offer some other ideas once I have the above information from you.

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