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Hi. I am an allopathic doc myself. IU have been married 3 and half years . Had 3 miscarriages one ectopic pregnancy so my right fallopian tube removed. Now am not getting pregnant for atleast one year now. Any hopes in chinese treatment for me??????????????


Yes, there is hope. Personally, I've successfully treated women with histories of up to 5 miscarriages in a row coupled with an increasingly difficult time conceiving.

Certainly the loss of a fallopian tube complicates matters, but that certainly wouldn't stop you from conceiving and carrying to term. From a Chinese perspective a history of miscarriage most often indicates a condition we call blood deficiency. There are a number of writings on the site that help illustrate how we view fertility issues from a Chinese perspective (listed below). Essentially, however, you should seek treatment as soon as possible and realistically (particularly with the removal of one fallopian tube) expect results no earlier than 5-7 months.

TCM Theory for Fertility/Pregnancy in General

Acupuncture treatment section for the history/threat of miscarriage

TCM Theory for Infertility in General

Acupuncture protocols for various infertility patterns (including blood deficiency)

And, finally, a general article on fertility for men and women.


We've had very good results with Tong Ren, too. If you're in Massachusetts you can attend one of the classes with Tom or Monica (she's gotten such good results women who don't want to get pregnant cross their legs in her class ;-), or you can get on the calls or broadcasts. Schedules are on

Much good luck! Janet

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