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Infantile Cerebral Palsy, need info and have referral for Vancouver practitioner



I have a friend living in Vancouver, BC, who has a nine month old girl with infantile cerebral palsy, just diagnosed. Any practitioner who has any info on treatment centers, case studies, research projects, treatment theory and/or protocols for infantile cerebral palsy please advise. Also any practitioners in Vancouver I have a referral for you. (Click on my contact tab to email me, please do not post details in the forum).


I&#39ve added our treatment page for Cerebral Palsy. This isn&#39t everything necessarily that we would do, but it has the basics. The points listed can easily be used with other modalities - for infants particularly we often use meridian tapping and/or tuina. One other recommendation both because we have good experience with it and it is simple is pearl powder. We use this in many cases of cerebral palsy and for any developmental disorder in general. I would, of course, see someone locally and go with their recommendations but that&#39s what we would be likely to use if we deemed it appropriate.

For children, Tong Ren Therapy, our energy healing system is very useful.


For cerebral palsy points: 1, during palsy time: Du26, Ren15, Pc5, Lv3, St40.

2, normal time: Ub15, Yin Tang, Ht7, Sp6, Kd3, Yao Qi.

3, day time happen, add Ub62, night time happen, add Kd6, too much

phlegm add Ren12, St40, Qi and Blood very def. add Ren4, St36.

For cerebral palsy medicine: Ding Dian Wan


Thank you both for the above posts, very helpful. May post more questions soon.

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