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Infant eczema


Any advice for treating a two year old for severe eczema? Acupressure rather than acupuncture, herbal bath rather than patent herbs. The child has signs of heat, thirst very dry itchy lesions. Asthmatic and dairy allergy therefore often has loose stools and abdominal pain. Thinking clear heat and toxins, cool blood, nourish spleen and yin. Any ideas?


The chinese herb Jin Yin Hua(Lonicera japonica Tunb)金银花,taste is sweet, nature is cold, energy go into Lu, St, Li meridians. Function is clear tocins heat. use its fresh flower make juice put on skin can stop itchy, or boil its flower with some suger drink like tea, can stop toxin heat stool.


although i am a licensed acupuncturist and have been practicing for the last 15 years, i also struggled personally with atopic dermatitis for 47 years. i got to a condition that i could no longer work in hand -on therapies. i went through all sorts of treatments.:naturopathy.chinese herbs.acupuncture and homeopathic medicine...only to alleviate the problem. but 5 years ago i tried for the 5th time classic homeopathy .it seems that the last practitioner found the right remedy and since then i have been dermatitis-free! which i see as no less than a miracle! since i took the remedy only once!!!and after a month and a half i was cured...

i can tell you that i was given a remedy from labrador milk...but this isnt really relevant since each patient is different.

i advise you to find a very good spiritual- minded classic homeopath.

Dina Ruth


excuse me for adding...i am now 6 years free of eczema after having suffered for 47 years.

Dina Ruth

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