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Increase height


To increase height auricular or sujok acupuncture which one is preferable if so what are the points?

Increase height in teenage boy

I don’t think any one system is more preferable than the other - it’s just up to the understanding and training of the practitioner. For increasing height, this previous discussion should be helpful.


thanx chad for your reply. As you said in previous discussion
K-3. K-6, CV (Ren)-4, UB 11, 15, 23, GV (DU) 4, 14, 20, GB 39 (L+R) are the points for height growth. In our country there are acu doctors who increases height one inch in one sitting is this posible?


First, that wasn’t my response, it was another poster that gave those points. For your second issue, no, no one can make someone an entire inch taller in one treatment. These developmental issues are treated over longer periods of time and require consistency of treatments.

The only way you might get one inch of height gain in one treatment would be in cases of relatively severe muscle/structural deformity - where the relaxation of the tissue allows elongation - but this likely wouldn’t last and really isn’t the same issue as what you are asking about.

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