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Inclusion Body Myocitis


Inclusion Body Myocitis

I tried posting about this previously and am unable to find my previous post. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

My father is 87 years old and has been diagnosed by doctors at Stanford University as having Inclusion Body Myocitis. It is poorly understood and they offer no treatment.

His muscles are wasting away and have been doing so for more than 30 years. He now stands and walks only with great difficulty due to leg muscle weakness.

Is there a possibility of a successful treatment for IBM using TCM? Does anyone know of any cases that have been significantly improved using accupuncture and herbs?

thank you


Not to make it seem like they are easy to treat, but most auto-immune related conditions respond quite well to acupuncture. Personally I&#39ve treated a great number of auto-immune conditions ranging from lou gehrig&#39s to ms and from rheumatoid to sjogren&#39s and there is always a positive change and many times a dramatic one and in some cases resolution.

I would suggest you consult with someone locally in your area and give the treatment approximately 3 months before gauging the level of helpfulness.


Learn and practice Qigong. Find a Medical Qigong doctor. Qigong can be used with other forms of treatment. It has been shown to help about 200 disease, ranging from the com cold to cancer .


Thanks Chad. My father is open to the possibility of trying Chinese medicine. My father&#39s endocrinologist told him this was not an auto immune condition.


Great idea, Martin. Unfortunately my father has very limited mobility now and may not be able to perform and qigong exercises.


Qigong can be done lying, sitting or standing. The qigong doctor can also perform external Qi healing.

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