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Incense or essential oils


Hi, I was just wondering what Chinese medicine suggests to burn around the house in regards to incence or essential oils etc? are there any specific flavors of incense or specific essential oils? Thank you in advance.


In general what is right for “you” to use is what your body needs in Chinese Medicine terms (i.e. what your imbalances at this point in time are) - this is true for herbs, essential oils, points, formulas, etc. - see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for a general introduction to TCM pattern differentiation.

Now incense would matter what it is made from, but in general that would far less dynamic in nature than essential oils. There has been some work that has tried to work essential oils into the TCM diagnostic framework - one that I recommend is “Fang Xiang Liao Fa: Essential Oil Analogues of TCM Herbal Formulas”. I would suggest you read that book to understand how essential oils work into TCM. At some point we may add a section with some basics regarding essential oils, but that would be a ways off at this point.


Ok, thank you for the information Chad :slight_smile:

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