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A lady, 40 years came to me for accupuncture treatement for numbness in her limbs after getting a maintenance Chemotherapy. She has already undergone main Chemo for blood cancer and maintenance chemotherapy is going on once in three months. After starting the acupuncture treatment, she has shown a remarkable improvement and after a month and half she is able to carry out all household works without any problem. But one problem could not be settled and that is her Immunity. Due to this, she gets continuous cough and has to pass sleepless nights when there is slightest change in atmosphere. Acupuncture treatment could not completely settle this issue. Can any one guide me how this can be fixed? Any chinese medicine can solve this issue completely?


What is your overall tcm diagnosis? And is the cough productive (with phlegm, and if so, what color) or non-productive (i.e. dry). A dry cough, particularly after chemo treatments would likely indicate yin and/or blood deficiency rather than an immune problem per se. A wet cough could indicate damage to the spleen qi from chemo treatments leading to an increase in dampness. See our acupuncture for cough article for some of the main patterns.


Thank you very Much.

The cough is dry. I will take necessary action and report back.


Based on the information above and my experience in my practice, I would try boosting the Glutathione level of the patient. Glutathione, the master anti-oxidant cannot be effectively taken in. Although there are many forms available in the market like pills, powders, IV, etc. - the best Glutathione is produced by our own bodies. There are acupuncture points for this and using needle-less acupuncture method combined with this new technology, there are clinical tests that shows that glutathione can be increased by 300% in a matter of few days (depending on the body&#39s underlying conditions).


Thank you Ethel.


LU7, K6. Also water through, water gate from Tong&#39s system.

Herbs for cough.

Zhi Sou San - any cough.

Bai He Gu Jin Tang - chronic dry cough.

Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang - cough with yellow phlegm.


Thank you,

these points are already being used. she has improved in last two months. herbal remedies are not tried we will try that too.

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