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Ill effects of heat trapped in the body



I've had Acupuncture for many years.

Recently I've begun to understand that some of the real sick headaches I get may be caused by heat being trapped in the body.

I cannot tolerate bright sunny days, Full Moons, and electromagnetic radiation.

I'd like to understand more about how heat originates in the body and why it may not be escaping easily.

The conditions I have listed are general indications to how I feel, not diagnosis.

Do you use Astrology at all ? It offer many answers and explains weaknesses, for example I may well have weak ducts in my body due to Mercury being afflicted.

I think the process of thinking actually constricts the ducts further.

The root cause maybe that my Jupiter/ /Humour/ Liver was over energised when I was very young by the Sun/ Vitality / Father, made worse by the absecense of Yin from my Mother.

This is known as Combust so suggests burning of the Jupiter/ Liver.

Because this happened before I was say 5 it's nearly impossible for me to access the buried emotions that may be the source of the heat.

I'd still like to know how to calm the Liver ?

To open it up so that the heat can escape?

These are general ideas.



I think the best person to answer these questions would be your acupuncturist. What do they say your diagnosis is?

It&#39s certainly much easier to come to a diagnosis when you have the benefit of speaking directly with the patient and looking at all of their signs and symptoms - as well as how they respond to treatment. But in general terms there is excess heat and what is called empty heat (yin deficiency) in Chinese Medicine. You can have all the same heat signs for the most part with either as well other related symptoms but differentiating whether the condition arises from excess, deficiency or a mix is crucial for proper treatment. Your practitioner, again, would be the best person to answer these questions.

With regards to accessing the emotions to then deal with them and move on - that is a very western idea. They don&#39t have to be accessed or dealt with per se, there is another option which is simply resolving the energetic hold they have on you so the bound energy moves on - this requires no particular recognition from you. No painful rehashing of incidences, no mixing of self blame and all the others things that can come up with working "through" these issues from a therapy standpoint. A skilled Chinese Medicine practitioner - ideally one who also practices qi gong/meditation/healing - or acupuncture combined with work from a skilled healer who can help guide you through this process would be very helpful for you.


Dear Chad,

Thank you for replying to my post.

Naturally I have raised this with my acupuncturist but she&#39s NOT totally responsive to my train of thought.

However, I&#39ve come to my own conclusion the midpoint of Jupiter/ Sun combustion is 21° 43&#39 and this could be described as a smoldering apoplexy or fury point, meaning it burns away generating heat MOST OF THE TIME and sometimes flies into a rage/ flares up when fanned by idiots.

I&#39d like to know how we could lance this to burn off the heat.

I&#39ve learnt to supress it.

Further, the tiny ducts in my body are weak and struggle to carry heat away.

They block up, or constrict when too much empty heat passes through them.

Thinking too deeply or hard has the same effect.

NOT sure what I can do about that but

That&#39s where the ill health lies.

Finnally, the sensitivity to Bright Sunlight, Full Moons and Electromagnetic Radiation all are covered by the above although I cannot understand HOW ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION actually generates heat within me.

What inside me it reacting to the radiation ?

I&#39d say that it is the Jupiter/ Sun combust midpoint but if so it must be possible to track down some acupuncture points and drain off this energy.

Jupiter is good humour/ bon aime and Sun ego vitality so you&#39ve sort of got to STRONG POSITIVE ENERGIES exhausting each other.

In my case Jupiter is also my ruling planet but no planet can out rule the Sun.

Hence in the end the fury builds up as neither energy is willing to retreat.

Any thoughs spring to mind ?


This affliction is a misery.



So this sort of concious stream has helped me.

I think it is the weak ducts in the body that are the problem.

When I encounter Electromagnetic Radiation this has a similar effect on me as does hard thinking.

I have Mercury in Pisces and Pisces conducts the Ether well.

Mercury is as close to you get in Astrology to the Mental State and it also rules ducts, because Mercury rules Messangers.

Funnily I have been using some Gingko recently.

Just need to find ways to strengthen the walls of the ducts so that they don&#39t crumble so easily.

And it&#39d help to reduce the smouldering FURY midpoint.



All I can really say to your statements is that there are lots of ways to explain symptoms - we have no shortage of systems that attempt explanation. The biggest problem is actually treating those symptoms and a bigger problem is actually resolving them - and that is where much of these systems fall apart. Your acupuncturist is more than likely not understanding of your ideas, because they are out of context of Chinese Medicine. This doesn&#39t mean they are wrong, but they are not relevant to the discussion at hand. You have to think long and hard about what the point is with them and instead of using those ideas to explain your symptoms figure out how to make your body stronger so you are not as swayed by external influences. Trying to explain things does not always lead to a resolution. What does have a capacity at least to treat these things is properly applied Chinese Medicine - again, my recommendations for you from my initial response - "A skilled Chinese Medicine practitioner - ideally one who also practices qi gong/meditation/healing - or acupuncture combined with work from a skilled healer who can help guide you through this process would be very helpful for you."


This is been most helpfull.

I see that I have an increased generation of heat, and a decreased ability to disperse it.

I think your theory says one follows the other, but I feel they are two seperate things that need to be dealt with seperately.

This is where I see Astrology as helpfull in that it shows how different people are, and needs to be worked against if necessary.


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