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I have taken emperors tea pill before, is it good for pulmonary hypertention


I have taken emperors tea pill before, is it good for pulmonary hypertention


It wouldn’t be my first choice, but the real answer would depend on what your primary TCM diagnosis is. What were you taking it for previously? And what other health issues do you have?


I was taking it for a lung, heart inco-ordindation and dizziness. My other issue was Hyperthyroid… I was just told I had Pulmonary hypertention


Was this prescribed to you by a practitioner or just someone you tried to figure out yourself? Long story short, there are strong overlaps between thyroid issues and pulmonary hypertension in western medical associations. So, to properly treat you, you treat all or nothing (that is how Chinese Medicine works - see “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” for more on that).

Now in Chinese Medicine terms you are possibly describing what we would call heart yin and kidney yin deficiency - which is what tian wan bu xin wan is primarily for. Other possible formulas that might be deeper and more helpful particularly at the thyroid level would be liu wei di huang wan.

That said, these issues can be difficult to resolve completely particularly without a truly accurate Chinese Medicine diagnosis. I would strongly suggest you work with a practitioner in your area over a course of 3-9 months and you should get much further than trying to do this on your own.


HI! When I took it before,I did not have the thyroid issue. But thank you very much.


That’s exactly my point. What you had before was a Chinese Medicine diagnosis that contained these potentialities and by improperly or undertreating your condition it was left to continue to materialize into deeper issues. The entire point of Chinese Medicine, properly administered, is to avoid this exact scenario. This is why seeing a practitioner who understands your situation deeply and working with them closely is really important.


I was seeing a practitioner and he is the one who told me to take it

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